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Creating specialty chocolate that provides you with a dynamic and delightful flavor experience is our passion. As an exclusive chocolate manufacturer, we produce our own chocolate from bean to bar in order to bring the most flavor out of the more than 600 aroma notes from each cacao bean. All of our ingredients are purely vegan and carefully selected according to the highest quality and ethical standards.


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Delightful taste. Specialty ingredients. Fair.

  • We import cacao beans sourced from a centralized fermentary/cacao coop 

  • The cacao beans are fermented for 6 days in three-tier wooden boxes and then sundried on beds.


  • We roast the beans for a period of time which will bring out the best flavor of the bean. 

  • We separate the nib from the husk. 


  • We refine and grind the cocoa nibs, sugar, and any other ingredients we are using. What this means is that we grind the chocolate in a machine and let it heat, mix with air, and agitate the chocolate particles to release acids & other volatiles. 

  • We temper the chocolate so that it becomes nice and shiny. 


  • We mold, cool, de-mold the chocolate and then finally package it to bring to you.

  • You enjoy the chocolate! 


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