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Team Events

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We are excited to invite you to our chocolate factory in beautiful Schindellegi! We offer you an exciting tour of our factory, where you will learn more about the process of bean to bar chocolate production, you can pour your own chocolate bars and you will take part in a professional tasting.

Our Offer


Factory Tour

Come with us on a fascinating journey through the world of bean to bar chocolate production - from sourcing the cacao beans to creating our unique chocolate bars. We guide you through every step and give you an exclusive insight into our chocolate production.


Chocolate Tasting

You will take part in a chocolate tasting and learn how to taste chocolate like a pro! Learn how to taste chocolate properly, what influences the taste of chocolate and experience a wide range of our delicious chocolate creations.



If you arrive by public transport, we will pick you up at Biberbrugg train station. We will provide you with an apron, overshoes and writing materials. Comfortable clothing should be worn.


Personalized Chocolate Bars

Put on your aprons and get ready to make your own chocolate bars! Our chocolatiers will accompany you professionally in tempering, pouring and decorating your very personal bars. You can experiment with different flavors and ingredients and create your own unique chocolate bars to take home and enjoy.



The whole tour takes about 3 hours in total. We split team events with more than 8 people into two groups in order to achieve the best possible experience for all participants. All participants leave with at least 6 self-made chocolate bars  home.



Contact us for an offer today!

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