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Cacao tea is a natural plant-based drink made using the cacao husks from our organic Trinatario cacao beans from the Kilombero Valley in Tanzania. Cacao Husks are the fibrous outer shells of the cacao bean that taste pleasantly like chocolate when steeped in water. Our Kilombero Valley Tanzania cacao beans are harvested and fermented for 6 days in wooden boxes before drying on African sunbeds. They are roasted in Zürich and then we separate the inner portion of the cacao bean from the outer portion by using a machine called a winnower. The cacao nibs are used to make our chocolate, and these cacao husks are then packaged and ready to enjoy as tea leaves in this delightful tasting cacao tea.






Sugar Free





In order to best enjoy:




1. Boil hot water


2. Add 5g of cacao husk tea to every 180mL of water


3. Steep the cacao husks in a tea egg or tea bag in hot water for 5-7 minutes


4. Remove the teabag/tea egg.


5. Enjoy hot or cold.




Optional: For a creamier and sweeter chocolatey experience, enjoy with milk and sweetener of choice. We recommend hazelnut drink and maple syrup. For a refreshing twist on a hot day, serve over ice.



Ingredients: Organic Cacao Husks

Cacao Tea- Kilombero Valley, Tanzania

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