Kürzi Kakao Quality Guarantee


  • We promise all of our bean to bar chocolate uses simple recipes that contain only fair, sustainable, and high-quality ingredients. 

  • We promise to use quality processes that maximize flavor potential without over-processing.

  • We promise that all of our products will always be vegan for the animals, for the planet, and most importantly for you and your health. 


Nobody should have to experience a choice between amazing tasting products and a product that is ethically and sustainably made.  


We understand how it feels to want to enjoy indulgent and luxurious tasting chocolate without needing to worry about the company creating it using cheap and over-processed ingredients made from exploitative labor practices in the developing world, destruction of forests and of the planet, and exploitation of animals, which is, unfortunately, the reality for most chocolate being produced. 


Like you, we are frustrated by the lack of transparency of industrial manufacturers of chocolate. This is why we are committed to creating fine flavor, delightful tasting vegan chocolate which uses only the highest quality ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients.

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