It all began... 

Hi there! 


We are Kürzi Kakao. A woman owned, purpose driven craft chocolate company. 


We think you deserve to enjoy amazing tasting chocolate, a chocolate that’s better for you and a chocolate that also does good in this world.


We believe that we are all connected. We believe that joy can be tasted, as it comes from passionate people wanting to create the best for you each step of the process. 


We are passionate about flavor, but we are equally as passionate about making a positive social impact on this planet. 


Our story began with a simple question, a sense of curiosity. Why, in the land that invented dairy milk chocolate, are there not more delightful tasting plant-based alternatives to dairy milk chocolate?


What started as a simple question, lead to a discovery, an awakening of sorts. I discovered not only the mechanics of how chocolate is made, but I also discovered a love and passion for a plant I had until then not heard of, theobroma cacao, the main ingredient in high-quality chocolate. 


I won’t bore you with the science of chocolate making or the tedious details of the answer to the original question we posed, but I will summarize the answer: power imbalance is extreme in the chocolate industry and cheap, overly processed, low-quality ingredients sourced from modern day slave labor along with successful lobbying efforts from the milk industry to keep dairy milk powder artificially cheap and make it difficult for plant-based alternatives to market themselves and compete are why you are not getting the variety, quality, and abundance of flavors you deserve. 


So with this knowledge and with trips all over the world to learn about cacao and chocolate making, we set out to create a chocolate that:


  • Has a dynamic and delightful flavor profile that tastes amazing

  • Uses the highest-quality, organic ingredients that are actually good for you

  • Brings money and makes a positive economic impact on the communities in which the ingredients grow

  • Is sustainable and benefits the planet and all its inhabitants


We are dedicated to making this world a bit better and brighter, and here’s how we are already doing that.


  • Sourcing our cacao from companies that are making a positive impact in their communities through efforts to pay farmers higher wages and/or invest in preservation efforts

  • Using high-quality organic ingredients from smaller, locally owned independent businesses

  • Working with businesses who have a transparent supply chain

  • Creating all of our chocolate in-house using the bean to bar process to practice our own stringent quality-control

  • Donating to causes aligned with our values such as Hof Narr and Veganuary


Here’s what we want to do better:


  • Find a more sustainable packaging for the nibs and cacao tea

  • Build donations to aligned businesses or non-profit organizations regularly into our business model once it’s feasible