A unique collaboration between Zurich-based bean-to-bar chocolate maker Kürzi Kakao and SMIQQL: This exquisite chocolate creation shows off Lavanta Nane's unforgettable crunchy salt flakes fused with lavender blossoms, Nane mint, lemon and a hint of chili sprinkled on Kürzi Kakao's 75% dark chocolate with cacao imported directly from the farmers in the Dominican Republic.

Produced in limited quantities and only available for a short time, we are proud to bring you this beautiful collaboration between two young independent small businesses!


75g chocolate square


  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Without palm oil
  • Fair
  • Sustainable

May contain traces of nuts .


Ingredients: organic cocoa, sugar, organic cocoa butter, flake salt (sea salt, lavender flowers, nane mint, lemon powder & chilli)


Nutritional values per 100g


Energy 2462 kj (588kcal), fat 43.5 g, of which saturated fatty acids 26.8 g, carbohydrates 41.8 g, of which sugar 25 g, protein 8.4 g, fiber 11.9 g, salt> 1 g

Dark chocolate, 75%, Reserva Zorzal with SMIQQL LavantaNane flaky salt