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Our Story


Kürzi Kakao was created in the spare room of an apartment in Zürich, Switzerland from the desire to make creative and indulgent plant-based chocolate varieties inspired by delicious food experiences from around the world. What started as a small experiment in the spare room of an apartment in the city has now moved and expanded into multi-room bean to bar chocolate making facility and a team of 5 passionate chocolate lovers located in the beautiful town of Schindellegi.



Kürzi Kakao was founded by Britta Kürzi. Both a foodie & plant-based, she strives to offer her unique twist on plant-based chocolate in a country most famous for chocolate. 


Britta grew up in the United States and has lived in Switzerland since 2017, when she moved from Asheville, N.C. after marrying her husband Martin. Her favorite chocolate is malted almond with florentine crisps.

What matters most

Creativity & Joy

We are passionate about creating a wide variety of unexpected and unique flavor experiences that offer an indulgent culinary journey for every palate. We hope you have as much fun eating our chocolate as we have making it.


Best Ingredients

We source each ingredient for flavor potential as well as the impact it makes on this planet and its people, only using plants. 


Made from Scratch

We manufacture 100% of our chocolate from cacao into finished bar in our own production facility, retaining complete control of every step of the process for quality purposes. 

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