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Filled with gratitude for the ability to create and work with such high-quality cacao, we are simply creating unique and inspired flavor experiences channeled through our bean to bar chocolate. 

After traveling all over the world and learning about the importance of agronomy and fermentation protocols when it comes to sourcing high-quality cacao, founder Britta Kürzi sought out the best quality cacao to make her unique bean to bar creations. 

Educated in the art of chocolate making in Switzerland and Belgium, she's constantly learning the best old world and modern techniques have to offer to perfect the craft of micro-batch chocolate making. 

At Kürzi Kakao, we stand for: 

- dynamic and memorable flavor experiences

- ethical supply chains

- sustainability 

- collaboration

- creativity 

- natural beauty

We live these values by :

Marble Surface
Image by Rodrigo Flores


We are on a mission to create flavorful chocolate inspired by the best the world has to offer. We believe in using fair and more direct supply chains and benefitting everyone in the supply chain while also bringing joy to those who consume the products here. 

Image by Charisse Kenion


Our vision is a world where people re-awaken to the complexity and pleasure unique flavor experiences can bring into our lives. 

Image by Charisse Kenion
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